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Hello .
What are diffrence between .scn and .tsn !? Which one is better !?
Is there any real and meaningful difference between saving scene as .scn or .tscn !?

I normally save my entities as .tscn ( player , enemies and etc ..
) and save my level as .scn . but I really want to understand the differences between these two and don't act blindly ...

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.tscns are "Text Scenes", meaning they're written in a human readable format. You can open them in a text editor to see. They are also friendlier to version control, so you can have meaningful diffs if using Git, Svn or something of the like.

.scns are binary scenes. They tend to be smaller and faster to load. If you have a huge scene (like in 3D with a lot a geometry data) it's the best format to use.

Note that .tscn is converted to .scn at export time, so you won't lose performance in your game release.

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I also noticed that .scn files have a preview thumbnail when you're selecting a file in Godot. Text scenes don't.

I also had some trouble with tscn-Scenes not being exported correctly on Android, but that was with my first attempt, so I can't confirm that there is a bug and not just some usability quirk or something that was already resolved.

@Gokudomatic2, the thumbnail is saved in the scene file, so text scenes can't have the binary data from the thumbnail embedded into them.

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