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I guys, I would like to implement in a project the swype gesture in the four direction (left, right, up and down) how can i detect the swype gesture in a mobile phone with godot? Do I have to write it myself, or is there something already done by someone? Cause not sure if I'm properly thinking about how to code it. Surely someone has already done it cause it's something so basic for an engine that could not have been missed by the developers I think....

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Unfortunately this is not available in-engine, as nobody contributed with the code. You have to implement it using screen touch/drag events.

For 2.1 and the asset library there might be a plugin to aid in this area. See https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/1319.

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Thank you. Will try to make myself then. It's a shame such usefull function is not implemented in this engine...

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