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Too much time ago I was using Godot 2.1 now I'm back to use 3

I'm using 3.2 alpha 2

I created a scene like this:

-Node2D > Camera2D > Sprite (using "static" texture, 1 png) > AnimationPlayer

I can't find on animationplayer or sprite node, a opacity option to create a "splash screen" or "intro menu" animation.

I remember to use too much on 2.1, how can I do on 3.2 (actually alpha 2)

asked Oct 21, 2019 in Engine by poranmeu (12 points)

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Opacity huh?
Just animate the alpha channel of the Sprite's modulate property. :)

answered Oct 21, 2019 by SIsilicon (3,795 points)
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