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I just setup my Linux computer with manjaro and would like to finish my game.
On windows it worked but I just wanted to get rid of it completly.
But I can't test it because I'm not able to create an APK.

I've installed android studio anyway for regular development and my emulator works aswell. I also created an debug.keystore file twice (1. with gui keystore explorer, 2. with cmd keytools)
I get 2 errors while exporting:

Could not find keystore, unable to export.
'jarsigner' returned with error #1

Screenshots to my settings (can't figure out how to upload them here...)

asked Oct 19, 2019 in Projects by Jan Christoph (12 points)

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You have to reselect a release keystore, the path still configured by windows.

answered Oct 20, 2019 by anllucah (59 points)

Since I'm on Linux I don't have a windows path.
Is there any exact guide for Linux? The documentation does not cover all things to do and the templates for exporting as an android app tell me a version.txt file is missing so they can't be used.

About the version.txt try reinstall the export templates. About the release keystore try to copy the release.keystore that is in windows and than paste in someplace on Linux, so you can select it again on Godot.

I got the keystorefile from my work computer.
Now I just get the following error:

'jarsigner' returned with error #1

Some tweaks and tries later I get after clicking away the previous error another one...

Export templates for this platform are missing/corrupted: Android
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Maybe your jarsigner path?

my setting

when I use manjaro, link was set like /usr/~
(screenshot on ubuntu, but similar path i know)
(I always use like that path on linux: ubuntu, arch linux, manjaro)

and I remember it install from pacman or pamac
'sudo pacman -S openjdk-jdk8' or something :0

I know it's not that different as your setting
but it's linux, so just in case

Good luck !

answered May 29 by liss22 (32 points)
edited May 29 by liss22
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