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Every fith attempt or so, godot 2.0 will fail to update my scripts (throw errors about lines that are not there anymore or skip "print" -checks etc.) when running my project from the editor. Why is this?

  • This did not happen with 1.1 (which I was using until a couple of days ago).
  • Saving script- and scene files manually before running makes no difference.
  • I'm pretty sure I have full administrator rights to the project's directory, since everything used to work flawlessly, and still does sometimes.
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Are you using built-in scripts?
I can confirm this problem. It's super annoying because if you close Godot all your recent changes are gone. Have not found a way to reproduce it yet.

Edit: Win10 64bit
Let me report mine:
I have win10 64bits and no problem
I also alternate a lot between a linux machine and this one, and I had not suffered from this problem.
I suggest taking a look at the console which oppens alongside godot to see any strange thing.

I have this issue too.

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I had a similar problem with Undo (Crtl + z) in the script editor. When I Undo changes, then I have to manually save the script via Flie > Save (Crtl + S doesn't work either) to changes takes effect.

I have Win7 64bits.

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