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hello i want to scroll the content inside of a vcontainer, i want to use an scrollbar but i can not understand how to make it work

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Have you tried placing a ScrollContainer Node? The idea is that you create a ScrollContainer and give it a VBoxContainer as a child. In that VBoxContainer you place all the elements that you need. Scrolling is done automatically when you scroll with the mouse-wheel in that area. Sliders also appear on the right and on the bottom of the Container.

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You said " Scrolling is done automatically " , really ? .. i want this for mobile game.... and yes i have a scroll container and a vbox as child

I am not sure about the mobile version, but it should work. Does it work on PC? Do you see the scrollbars? What is the problem exactly?

can you show me an example ? , i can see the scrollbar , something must be wrong

Unfortunately I cannot recreate an example for mobile. But do check this github thread:


It seems that you need to implement the swipe functionality yourself.

I have a similar issue. Just, I can't see a scroll bar.
Node layout:

> VBoxContainer
 > Sprite2D
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