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Here is my character and his main sprite:
enter image description here

If I wanna add more sprites, how can I do that? I tried to use more sprite nodes, but all the sprites appears on the screen.

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It's not exactly clear what you're asking.

Do you mean you want to add additional frames for animation? If so, you can see two options for how to accomplish that here:

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What Im saying its: I have the main spritesheet with the animation of the player (left, right, up and down), but when my character will enter on a battle (jrpg), I want to change his sprite to a battle sprite of another spritesheet. My question is how can I do that? Using many sprite nodes or animatedsprite or animationplayer?

Just use your AnimationPlayer - it can change the Texture property of the sprite as well.

Thx for the help, I fix that using animatedsprite.
Adm can close the topic :P

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