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I'm fairly new to Godot and I'm looking for good example projects to help me learn how to make games in this engine. I have gone through the official documentation but the examples are just too basic to really learn how to use this for the type of games I have in mind.

I'm having problems getting this project to properly load in Godot 3.0: https://github.com/flossmanualsfr/escoria

I first fixed a ton of dependency problems but even after that I'm getting errors. The game will not work after loading the main scene, after clicking 'New Game' I get a black screen and a bunch of errors. Does anyone know how to fix these and get this game running so I can learn from it?

GLES3: max ubo light: 4096
GLES3: max ubo reflections: 1024, ubo size: 144
ARVR: Registered interface: Native mobile
ERROR: Failed loading resource: res://translations/general.csv
   At: core\io\resource_loader.cpp:186
ERROR: Failed loading resource: res://translations/strings_final.csv
   At: core\io\resource_loader.cpp:186
main ready
calling res cache start
cache list      [res://globals/game.tscn, res://globals/telon.tscn, res://ui/hud.tscn]
s is res://globals/game.tscn
s is res://globals/telon.tscn
s is res://ui/hud.tscn
********** vm calling get scene [SceneTree:964] [Viewport:965]
************* loding menu       res://ui/main_menu.tscn [PackedScene:1106]
finished loading        res://globals/telon.tscn
finished loading        res://globals/game.tscn
set state       global_id:      telon   state:          p_state:        default p_force:        False
has animation   False
ERROR: Animation not found: release_input
   At: scene\animation\animation_player.cpp:888
******* settings loaded (fullscreen:False), (music_volume:1), (rate_shown:False), (sfx_volume:1), (skip_dialog:True), (text_lang:en), (voice_lang:en), (voice_volume:1)
vm on telon is  [Node:1050]
**** screen ofs is      (0, 0)
finished loading        res://ui/hud.tscn
set state       global_id:      telon   state:  default p_state:        default p_force:        False
ERROR: Signal 'tree_exited' is already connected to given method 'object_exit_scene' in that object.
   At: core\object.cpp:1413
set state       global_id:      telon   state:  default p_state:        default p_force:        True
has animation   False
change scene to         res://scenes/intro-game/scene.tscn
set state       global_id:      bad_bamboo      state:          p_state:        default p_force:        False
has animation   False
set state       global_id:      good_bamboo     state:          p_state:        default p_force:        False
has animation   False
set state       global_id:      old_man state:          p_state:        default p_force:        False
has animation   True
playing animation       default
ERROR: Node not found: ../player
   At: scene\main\node.cpp:1524
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The game you're trying to get to run was made in Godot 2.1.4 (as posted in the github thread) and they are currently upgrading the code to Godot 3.

Many things have changed from Godot 2 to Godot 3 so it could be alot of work porting the project properly. If you only want to learn from it and have no higher associations I think your best bet is to just wait until they completed that process.

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