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I am trying to create a GUI theme so I can have most of GUI skin inside a common file, however I cannot find any way of doing it from the editor.
I read the documentation, but from http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/tutorials/2d/gui_skinning.html#creating-a-theme I'm getting lost, the screenshot is wrong and outdated.

When I create a theme, the only property I can edit is the default font.
Clicking on preview controls has no effect. The .tres file also only contains the font setting... how are we supposed to create a custom theme in the editor?

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The interface for the theme editor is not really good right now, even though it is fully possible to create themes using the editor.

When you select your theme in the inspector, you should see a preview window. At the top of that preview window, you can see a Theme button that, when clicked, makes a dropdown menu appear. In it, choose Add Class Items then choose a type (like Button). Then choose Add, and you will be able to edit button properties in the inspector.

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Awww I overlooked this button, thinking it was a theme example label :O
Thank you!

This doesn't look like a button, it looks like a label, until you hover it. Bad design. Anyways, thanks.

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