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I'm trying to make a pause screen, but I don't know why it doesn't work.

Any ideas

extends Control

func ready():

func physicsprocess(delta):
if $MarginContainer/CenterContainer/VBoxContainer/TextureButton01.is
hovered() == true:
if $MarginContainer/CenterContainer/VBoxContainer/TextureButton02.is
hovered() == true:

func input(event):
if event.is
tree().paused = not get_tree().pause
visible = not visible

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In which line 'grab_focus' is not working?
Anyway, I noticed that there is a 'Texturebutton01' (with a 'b') and a 'TextureButton01' (with a 'B').
That's probably what is wrong.

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Ho my god¡¡

This is embarrassing .... thank you very much. I am new to Godot .... I have much to learn yet.
Thanks again.

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