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I want to get whatever speed I had right before I hit a wall. What i'm doing right now is
if is_on_wall():
if my_speed.x < 100:
do this
do that
But i get "34" or "-34".
enter image description here

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AFAIK KinematicBody2D doesn't have a speed of its own because you are supposed to handle that yourself... so it's up to you to have that speed, isn't it? Otherwise how did you move your object in the first place? Maybe there is a bug or misunderstanding in your own code?

I am moving it with moveandslide(), i'm giving it a Vector2() value on the x whenever i press "a" or "d" and then using moveandslide(), i just want to get whatever that number was right before i hit a wall, the only way i can think of it is using isonwall() but by that point the Vector2().x gets set to 0 because i want it to stop.

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