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i have a game project and i use signals to kill enemies using a area2d and a costom signal and i wonder if ther is another way . or any easyer way to do so . thats going to save a lot of time for me .

hir is my project : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rs3dymaHA7g1N4x8cJIIwwJcS6kZI0rG

the level 1 is in the botom of res its name is scene1

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thats going to save a lot of time for me.

Are you connecting the signal in the editor's node tab or script?

i connecting the in the editors node

Script is usually easier when you need a lot of nodes to send signals to a parent script. You could also create a separate scene for the enemy and connect the signal there. If you put the enemies in a group like hhuseyincihangir said, you'll have to connect the signal to whatevers killing the enemy, then have it tell the enemy to kill itself.

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Instead of using a signal each time, you can use groups. You add them to the same group.

You can see your example in the video.

Signals and Groups Video

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thanks a lot

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