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I'm new to Godot and i'm trying to acheiv a "Diablo-like" game just for the context.

I've got 2 Scenes :

Main with Tilemap in Navigation2D, an instance of Player and Line2D to see the pathfinding.

Scene 1
Player with a sprite - collisionShape - and Camera2D (Current : Checked)

Player  scene

I can move my Player on the title map, the camera follow the player, but it seems the player can't move over the Windows setting (In Project Settings) , 1920*1080. Litteraly the purple line in editor.

How i can redefine this limitation ? I need to modify the Windows Settings ?
Thank you for the help.


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What do you mean by "the player can't move over the windows setting"? The player can't move outside of a 1920x1080 square?

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To get my mouse position i used event.position, i don't know why but the value can't be outside of the viewport. (Relative ?)

If someone is stuck at on the same problem :
Make sure you use this fonction to get the mouse position
- get_global_mouse_position()

You can close the case.


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