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Hello and sorry for My poor English.
Is it possible to write custom EditorImportPlugin as external NativeScript plugin?

I wish to make EditorImporterPlugin for custom file type, written in C++ as Native Plugin.
Used godot::register_tool_class< MyCustomPluginClass >( ) to register EditorPlugin
however when editor changes focus EditorImportPlugin prints :

**ERROR**: Condition ' !(get_script_instance() && get_script_instance()->has_method("get_recognized_extensions")) ' is true.
   At: editor/import/editor_import_plugin.cpp:48:get_recognized_extensions() - Condition ' !(get_script_instance() && get_script_instance()->has_method("get_recognized_extensions")) ' is true.

**ERROR**: Condition ' !(get_script_instance() && get_script_instance()->has_method("get_importer_name")) ' is true. returned: ""
   At: editor/import/editor_import_plugin.cpp:38:get_importer_name() - Condition ' !(get_script_instance() && get_script_instance()->has_method("get_importer_name")) ' is true. returned: ""

add_import_plugin is called from _enter_tree( ) in working EditorPlugin, yet overrited get_recognized_extensions( ) not printing output.

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