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The most promising thing I've found so far is the debug_collisions_hint property of SceneTree. However, it seems to be a bit finicky: If I set the field to true inside of _ready(), then collision shapes will be visible. But if I try to change its value later (in _unhandled_key_input() specifically), nothing happens.

I just need this for debugging purposes, but it'd be nice not to have to close the game, manually toggle the option, and restart the game every time.

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generally, visible is a base property, you can easily setup using signals or user actions (keys, mouse, etc..) and then, toggle hide/show with:

visible = !visible
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Thanks, that seems to work! It's not an ideal solution since I still need to iterate over every CollisionPolygon2D and CollisionShape2D object, or place each of them in a group. But it will do for now.

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