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My project look bad... It can't display the shadows! :(

enter image description here

I know Godot can't cast shadow from materials using alpha. But It still looks so much "empty"...

Any tutorials or advices on dynamic shadows?

Thanks, Mat

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There are no shadows because sun light cannot go through a vessel, it's as you were in a cave. You can rely on point and spot lights, because they have a position, but I'm not sure they produce shadows in Godot. Where do you expect the shadows to be projected?
In such a closed environnment, you could rely on ambient occlusion with SSAO for example, however it's not available yet.
You can use fog, and particles (yeah, particles! you are inside a fluid, there are always particles).
You can also apply a texture on the vessel so it won't be that "flat".
You can make the world very dark and have a point light on the player and a few objects ("glowing" viruses?), so it will apear like farther objects fade to shadows. But that depends on the mood of your game this time.

My vessel cast shadows even if it's faced only from inside? I remember that it worked in Unity...

The vessel itself cannot cast shadows, it would make the scene completely dark.
However, you can make it so it doesn't casts shadows, so only objects inside it would cast shadows.
I'm not exactly sure about what you want to do, this is a bit vague to be honest. Do you have any image, examples?

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