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1-can use and download engine for my galaxy tablet mobile?
2-after that i downloaded(mobile or pc), can i create my game and sell it?
3 how to sell it? I mean it should be export option or link or ....?
thank you inadvance

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Eon's answer hit on some good points. When you do sell your game, it must have a copy of the Godot engine's license included. As for stores and market places on which to sell it, they're is some documentation on how to make it ready for the Play Store and the App Store.

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The engine works on mobile but the editor not because it has special requirements that are not easy to adapt to mobile platforms.

It works as any game engine out there so you can make games and sell them, but selling is something else that you must take care of, the engine cannot help you there...

I recommend you to read the official documentation, you can start with the FAQ:

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