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This might sound stupid, but is there a way to make Area2D collide 'physically' (as in not go through) other nodes (specifically a Kinematic Body2D for now).

I heard that Area2D nodes are the best to make a basic enemy. I am making a very basic top down shooter and I am wondering if I can make the enemies not go through the player and walls( when I add them eventually). The enemies do not instantly kill the player so they have to physically collide with him. I currently don't have any code in place that would do that. Is it even possible? or should I change the enemy node to a kinematic body or something else?

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I would use kinematicBody2d for the enemies. Area2d is more useful as a trigger than a collider imo. I.e it's good for transmitting onbodyentered signals to your scripts, allowing things like enemy starts to chase the player when in range and stuff like that.

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If you want kinematic body where player can collide but nothing else
see https://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.1/tutorials/physics/physics_introduction.html#collision-layers-and-masks
I don not know about area colliding but you can probably use both KinematicBody2D for collision and collision layers with it and area for collision detection

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You can have a KinematicBody2D as your main node of the enemy, Area2D as its child. The Area2D's collider should be a little bigger than the KinematicBody2D's, so they will inflict damage first, and be able to collide with the walls/player/other enemies.

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