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So when I export without the expansion it works but when I check the apk expansion it fails to run. I have a base64 salt and key made from salt in the apk expansion info box maybe I'm not using it right. I have read and write permissions for external storage on. are there any other permissions that I need? what am I missing here. is there some line of gdscript i need to add? I'm not sure if I have unique name correct I have com.programname I'm not sure if I need something for the genname thing not sure what it is.

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I figured out I need to copy the obb file into android/obb/yourprogram com folder. it seems to work then. and I learned about google console and public key apk

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Hai bluemage,

Can you please explain the steps required to upload a game which has more than 100 mb size to android playstore. I am stuck for days.. My game is almost 390 mb.. its my dream.. please help

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