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I have a script where I lerp the camera from one position to another on a character scene. If I use any position that is a part of the character, it works fine. If I use a position on a gun scene that is instanced and made a child of the character's hand, the camera basically goes to the ground. What gives?

func _physics_process(delta):
    var end

    if aiming == true:
        var weapon = strongHand.get_child(0)
        var weaponSkeleton = weapon.get_node("Armature/Skeleton")
        var gunCam = weaponSkeleton.get_bone_pose(weaponSkeleton.find_bone("GunCam"))
        end = gunCam.origin
        end = camAttachment.get_translation()

    var camPos = camera1.get_translation()
    var start = camPos
    var lerpPos = start.linear_interpolate(end, delta * 20)
    camPos = lerpPos
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You might want to try using global coords for your case.
e.g. camattachment.get_global_transform.origin to get global coords of an object and e.g. camattachment.set_global_translate(vector) to set global transform origin.

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