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using Godot;
using System;

public class exam : AudioStreamPlayer2D
    private AudioStreamPlayer2D audioStreamPlayer;
    private AudioStreamSample audioStreamSample;
    public override void _Ready()
        audioStreamPlayer = GetParent().GetNode< AudioStreamPlayer2D>("AudioStreamPlayer2D");
        audioStreamSample = new AudioStreamSample();



I tried this out but doesn't work
I know it works when click load button in AudioStreamPlayer2D
but i have to load AudioStreamSample from coding

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Try to replace:

    audioStreamSample = new AudioStreamSample();


    audioStreamSample = ResourceLoader.Load<AudioStream>("res://PianoSounds/A5.ogg")

OGG files are not imported as AudioStreamSample, they are AudioStreamOGGVorbis. It should be better for you to use the base class AudioStream when declaring the variable.

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error : System.InvaildCastException: Specified cast is no vaild.

maybe I should load AudioStream from Editor

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