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Hi, i am trying to build a rotary knob control like this:

i am lost, i am using various layers and a texture progress but without success :(
in the best case, the user will control its value by moving up/down or left/right...

anyone is successful doing this ? or any trick that can help on this task .. please
i am sure i can do it, but how ?
i can do it ibn python, in C++ and js.... but i dont know in GD

have a great day

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Just made a simple knob.

It uses rotation degrees as knob value.
Shouldn't be that hard to fit it to your needs.

There are probably better ways to make a knob, but this works fine for me.

You could also use knobs from KnobMan with AnimatedSprite.
I can upload an example if you want.

Edit: Knob with AnimatedSprite

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Hi Adam_S, Nice ! the simple knob is awesome, this is the solution i was looking for.
Thanks a lot !

the other solution looks interesting also, for sure i would like to see an exemple of this, looks like VST plugin design :)

I'm glad that I could help you.
I added the link for the other example to my answer.

Whhoo Adam, thats great, really !
so, as i can see, you are involved into audio... how can we get in touch ?

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