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if I have 1.333 and want to round to 1.33
if I have 1.555 and want to round to 1.56

Is it like this in video?

related to an answer for: Float rounding issue
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Would pad_decimals() work for you? It only works with strings tough.

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I'm not sure, I will look into it, thanks

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You can use stepify.

stepify(1.333, 0.01) # 1.33
stepify(1.555, 0.01) # 1.56
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Actually, this is what I am using and doesn't work.
FYI, I am receiving user input as a float.
This question was related to my original post: https://godotengine.org/qa/50161/float-rounding-issue
Here's a video I made to show the issue.

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