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I want to change the base color of my mesh when I press TAB.

The script:

var color1 = Color(0.3,0.3,0.3,1)

func input(event):
if Input.is
color1 = getnode("InterfaceRoot/TabCColors/CPMesh").getpick_color()

The problem:

The MeshInstance's mesh can be changed in my game. If I change mesh and then press TAB to change the color, it basically says the material no longer exists. I suppose this happens because when you change the mesh, you lose the material applied to it. Problem is, I can't successfully create a new material, not even copy-pasting from tutorials on the web. Also, results are variable. For example, if I don't change mesh and material I set by hand to be the default (a cube with a basic material) it works smoothly.

I'm an absolute beginner of Godot and GDScript so please try to be basic in your answer! Thanks to everyone! :)

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PLEASE NOTE: the code I pasted above misses this foundamental line:

getnode("...").mesh.surfacegetmaterial(0).albedocolor = color1


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There are two ways you could go:

Solution 1: when you change the color, remember which color it is. Then when you change the mesh, change the color again on the new mesh.

Solution 2: use material_override instead of having the material inside your mesh. This way you can change the mesh but the override material will remain because it's on the MeshInstance.

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