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I've already asked a question about an interface in Godot that gets a connection to this module:

I tried to import and enable it in engine.cfg with:


Then I tried to use this interface written with GD-Script:


But when it calls the singleton (yes I put the whole thing into the AutoLoads) with Globals.get_singleton("GodotPayments") I just get a null instance. So there is no connection.
How can I enable the module GodotPaymentV3 located at org/godotengine/godot/GodotPaymentV3 and how can I use it?
My game has an In-App-Store and needs connections to Google Play for in-app-purchases.

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did you tested it on android device?

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When I tried it the first time I also got a null instance on Android. Now I started the whole thing from scratch and suddenly I have an instance [JNISingleton]. Thank you! It doesn't work on Windows.
Now I hope I can use this module with the interface...

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