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there seem to be a lot of limitations with the theme and over all ui. I made some custom buttons, would like to put custom text on it through the engine but there seems to be no such option and the only ui element that allows me to have my own texture is this button, I have a full screen of custom made ui filled with dirty looking pixelated buttons and empty boxes but then I'm forced to have this really bland and clean looking lineedit. I can#t seem to find a way to change the textures in the theme or even just disabling the standard textures. I set every color option I could find to full alpha but that does nothing.
If I just missed something there, please help me out

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I dont quiet follow. What are you custom buttons that you made, png files or an extension of the Button class? If you want only a clickable texture with text on TexturedButton is what you are looking for.

I don't see any option to put my own text on TexturedButton to put my own text on it, I instead decided to to just put a label on it for now

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