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I am about to finish my first project, an app for Android which is meant to be released on Google Play. I have already found a module from a third partie developer that allows me to show Google Ads. But the game has an In-Game-Store. So I need a module which makes it possible to handle In-App-Billing within the Godot Engine. I have already searched for such a module but didn't find something like that.
It would be amazing if at the end I was able to simply call some functions in GD-Script to handle the Google Play billing.

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Check this:


Godot has built-in iap module. You need to add the iap module in the settings.

I didn't done any iap, so I am not sure if this is right/wrong.

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Thank you! The interface works. Only that it results in a new peoblem because for some reason the interface doen't get a connection to the module 'GodotPayment'

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