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I've been learning Godot for the last few months, and while creating a simple level to try out some stuff, I imported OBJ files from Blender 2.8 because :

  1. as far as I know, there is no "better collada exporter" for this
    version yet.
  2. GLTF files take something like 70x more disk space, and
    Blender struggle very hard to export them.

Should I export collada files as long as they have no animations, should I stick to 2.79, or is there some kind of a magical export/import setting to have proper OBJ meshes ?

Thank you for reading this.

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From my experience, the Better COLLADA exporter works best in Blender v2.79. Having written that, there is an exporter which can export a Blender project directly to a Godot engine scene. Please note that it's still experimental, but it may work for you.

Try this one https://github.com/artellblender/collada-exporter-2.8 I use blender 2.8 and it works same as better collada has in 2.79

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