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First of all: I can't believe how little or none information is available about this very subject in the docs... I've watch all the available tutorials on YouTube about how to use Viewports (from Control Node & Containers), World and Cameras and nothing helped. I didn't even found my question here! :O

I am actually making a 3D coop game. I would simply like to cast the different player camera's views in different viewports.

I just want to make a good old splitscreen system like Donkey Kong 64 multiplayer mode, or Conker's Bad Fur Day. Simple: One world handling up to 4 players, displayed in a GridContainer (containing up to 4 viewports).

DonkeyKong 64:
IMG from google
Conker's Bad Fur Day:
IMG from google

So I now have a scene:
enter image description here

Next step, I wan't to cast the different camera view's in different viewports in a HUD...

Any idea? Thanks in advance!


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From what you've written, your research has yield no answers to your question. Could you tell us what you've tried?

Have you also looked into the Splitscreen script from the Asset Library?

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