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I have a Player made up of several KinematicBody2D nodes. The Player is supposed to have several customizable parts.

  • Each part is its own scene with KinematicBody2D as root.
  • Each part also have its own AnimatedSprite and CollisionShape2D ect..

Here is how the tree looks :

Player (KinematicBody2D)
|--- Part1 (KinematicBody2D)
|     |----Part1_CollisonShape 
|--- Part2 (KinematicBody2D) 

I am composing the Player with these parts (using add_child(part) in code). Player Itself is a KinematicBody2D with a Camera2D and VisiblityNotifier2D as its children. As KinematicBody2D needs to have a CollisionShape2D, I have a added a small dummy shape to the Player.

When I move the Player with move_and_slide() , only the direct CollisionShape2D children of the Player seems to have an effect. CollisionShape2D from the parts interact with other physics objects but have no effect during move_and_slide().

What i want is for all CollisionShape2D children, direct and from the Parts to be considered in move_and_slide() calculations. Is there any way ?

I can work around this by adding a copy of Part's collision shape to the Player in code but I think where should be a better way.

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