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I use OS.execute("./myexternalprog", args, true, output) as part of game to call AI.

Works fine on all platforms within Godot.

But when exporting project on Windows (and only Windows), a console window is opened up to run the AI program, interfering with the user's experience.

Can this console be hidden or prevented from appearing at all?


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I'm not sure if this console is opened by Godot or by the application you are running... either way I don't know how to prevent that. Maybe you could ask for that option on Github but the answer might be very OS-specific. I'm curious how to do it as well.

Looks like this is one way to do it. Hopefully it's still relevant: https://www.reddit.com/r/godot/comments/b058kk/_/eicats1?context=1000

Update: looking more closely at the pull request, seems to be merged?

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