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I want to create a map of a dungeon in 3D, size about 100x100, one floor, so assuming 50% fill it would have about 5000 elements (only about 20-30 different meshes). I've started with some simple elements like 3 different types to floor tiles, walls, pillars, torches and furniture. Then I've combined it to higher level scenes like rooms, corridors, furniture sets ect. Then I wanted to combine the scenes to create a map of a dungeon, but run into a problem.

If I place too many objects into the scene and then close it, I cannot open it again in the editor. I only see a gray screen and RAM usage goes through the roof. Also, the more elements there is, the lower FPS count in editor (running game is fine though).

If I build the same dungeon using GridMap, everything is fine. Editor have full FPS, scene is loaded instantly - no problem at all. But I don't want to use GridMap as it won't allow me to rotate elements freely, it is painful to setup navigation and each small change forces me to rebuild mesh library.

Is there a way to build big map without using GridMap or clogging Godot editor?

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Is there any chance you can provide a test project?

Ou... with all my assets that I use it would be couple hundred MBs. I will have to check if using simple cubemeshes creates the same result.

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OK, this is weird, but I've restarted the PC and it is working fine now. I have no idea what was it. Possibly a bug in Godot or OS itself.

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