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Hi guys.

I created an Admob account and also i have and this message from the Admob:

Congratulations! We have verified your account information and ad serving has been enabled.

I putted my personal Banner ID in the source code but the banners don't appear. The Test ads appear succesfully.

The code which i use is the following:

extends Node

var admob = null
var real_ads = true
var banner_top = false
var ad_banner_id = "My personal Banner ID"
var enable_ads = true

func _ready():
    if Engine.has_singleton("AdMob"):
        admob = Engine.get_singleton("AdMob")
        admob.init(real_ads, get_instance_id())
        admob.loadBanner(ad_banner_id, banner_top)

func show_ad_banner():
    if admob and enable_ads:

func hide_ad_banner():
    if admob:

Any ideas please?Thank you.

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I don't see any calls to show_ad_banner(). Also, please remove all the passes from your code.

Did you add all the frameworks required?

Thank you very much for your reply.

I use the showadbanner() at others parts of the source code (Menu Scene , Pause Scene etc...).

Yes, all the frameworks are Ok. Also, the Test ads appear succesfully. I dont know if i must waiting a few of days....

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