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I am recoding a program from Python into GDScript and am getting stumped at the regular expressions portion. Here the troublesome code:

func replaceVars(vars,text):  
      for loop in range(len(re.findall(r'\{[^{}]*(?=\{)', text))+1):
            for variable in vars:
                if vars[var]:
                    text = re.sub ('\{'+var+r':([^|{}]+)\|([^|{}]+?)\}', r'\1', text)
                    text = re.sub ('\{'+var+r':([^|{}]+)\|([^|{}]+?)\}', r'\2', text)
        return text

I use this to remove options from a text and display names, pronouns, etc that align with choices that players have already made. For example, "hunger and cold had driven {femalecharacter: Aurelia|Aurelius} from {femalecharacter: her|his} little cubbyhole" would change to: "hunger and cold had driven Aurelius from his little cubbyhole" if the player had chosen a male character.

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Here you go...

func runExample():
    var vars = { "femalecharacter":true , "cold":false }
    var template = "hunger and {cold:cold|boredom} had driven {femalecharacter: Aurelia|Aurelius} from {femalecharacter: her|his} little cubbyhole"
    print ( replaceVars(vars,template) )

func replaceVars(vars,text):
    var regex = RegEx.new()

    for curvar in vars:
        regex.compile("\\{"+curvar+": ?([^|]+)\\|([^}]+)\\}")
        text = regex.sub( text , ("$1" if vars[curvar] else "$2") , true )

    return text

A few notes...

  • GDScript seems to require creating a regex object, then compiling it, then replacing. (Every other language I've used has a shortcut to do that in one command!)

  • Slashes in GDScript strings are significant, so the regex ones need escaping, hence double slashes.

  • GDScript's ternary conditional expression is weird.

  • I simplified the regex to only look for the next delimiter (pipe or brace) and allow an optional space after the colon.

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GDScript's ternary conditional expression is weird.

For reference, it's the same as in Python :)

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