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I am using godot 3.1 , and I'm trying to export a simple app with a script just to check how it works on the phone. If I make a simple app( that has only a sprite ) it works just fine, but if I take the same app and introduce a script such as (var a =2; func _ready(): a=a+1) , when I try to open it I get a black screen and my phone responds very hard as if something is using all its computational power ( it also gets very warm).

The phone I'm using is : samsung s7 edge
As for the pc: -windows 10 64 bit
- godot 3.1 64 bit
- android studio 64 bit
- jdk 12.0.2 64 bit ( also tried with jdk 8)
I've tried both on gles2 and 3 and I get the same result.

Also, when I'm compiling I get this message:
Unicode error: invalid skip
Unicode error: invalid skip
Unicode error: invalid skip
Unicode error: invalid skip
Unicode error: invalid skip
Unicode error: no space left
ADDING: resources.arsc
0 param: --usedepth32
1 param: --use_immersive
signing: AndroidManifest.xml
But I've read that this could be neglected since at the end I get jar verified and the signature.

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