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Hey there,

I just started using the Godot Engine 3.1 and I really love it so far. I'm working on a simple 2D Dress Up game for my Kids. So I have a lot of Illustrations of clothes and a character and I dress up the character on click (TextureButtons). So this works all fine, but I'm not sure if I'm using all the stuff correctly. At the moment I have shirts and shoes and all the clothes in TextureRect's and I'm showing and hiding them accordingly. I set up the game in the settings to using hdpi textures and I as well exported all textures in double-sized png's and changed the settings to lossless and no compression at all. So I put the App on iOS and also on HTML and the characters and also the cloths looking not sharp on the edges they are just looking blurry and it seems that Godot is not using the double-sized pngs because then it should look really sharp and even on curved edges you shouldn't notice pixels at all anymore.

How should I or could I accomplish this in a good way?

I will attach a screenshot in there you can really notice it on the title "Kids Dress Up" ath the edges.

Launch Screenshot

Thanks in advance!

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Are you using "Use filter" option for fonts?
Also, on project setting you can set the 2d scaling method. Default is disabled. It scales nicely without any sharp edges as your resolution get higher.

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