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I wanted to create hints for my GUI that show up when mouse is over a button, to explain in more details what it's for. I filled up "hint" field and everything works, but...

If I pause the game and leave a node responsible for GUI ignore this pause (via setting "Process" in Pause Mode), the GUI is active, as expected, but hint text never show up.

I've also done an experiment and instead of pausing changed Engine.time_scale to low value. Hint text did eventually showed up, but after a looong time.

How can I make this hint show up regardless of time_scale or pause?

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Is the hint text's pause mode set to process as well?

Well, main "Control" Node as well as all its children are set to "Process". Hint text is a property of a button that is reaction to mouse hover and clicks and is doing what it supposed to do, so I assume, that those settings are fine.

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