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There is a way?

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You can't get the caller of a function, there is no point doing that. If you really need to, just pass it as an argument, like so:

First node:


Second node:

func the_function(caller):
    print("Called by ", caller)
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If you don't actually need the node, but only a trace to the caller, you can also use get_stack() to get an array of the whole stack, index 0 being the innermost function. From the docs:

Array get_stack( )

Returns an array of dictionaries representing the current call stack.

func _ready():

func foo():

func bar():

would print

[{function:bar, line:12, source:res://script.gd}, {function:foo, line:9, source:res://script.gd}, {function:_ready, line:6, source:res://script.gd}]
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