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Hi all. I've got a game in development in which I'd like to implement both consumable and non-consumable purchases.
I've been through the docs page on iOS services (a few times), and I have everything set up properly on Apple's side, but things are still not functioning properly.
Does anyone have anything a little more in depth than the docs, like some fleshed out examples of implementation? I feel like I'm missing something that the docs take for granted...?

Thanks for any help!

asked Aug 15, 2019 in Engine by GraigR (14 points)

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Did you find a solution?

I'm just curious because we're looking to switch game engine from Unity and it's critical stuff like this works.

answered Jan 5 by TRG (18 points)
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Here is my working IAP script (only for non consumable) hope this helps. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ka82wus7cti05tc/iap.gd?dl=0

answered Jan 8 by Vaughan Ling (18 points)

Can you maybe reupload your implementation?

And which version of Godot were you using at the time?

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