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Hi I am following the godot docs tutorial for custom drawings and came up with this code for my project:

extends Node2D

var rotation_angle = 50
var nb_points : int = 32
var points_arc : PoolVector2Array = PoolVector2Array()
var angle_point : float

var center : Vector2
var radius : float
var angle_from : float = 90
var angle_to : float = 0
var color : Color

func _ready():

func _draw():
    center.y = 0
    radius = abs(get_global_mouse_position().y)
    center.x = radius
    angle_to = 90
    angle_from = 270
    color = Color(1,0,0)
    _draw_arc(center, radius, angle_from, angle_to, color)

func _process(delta):

func _draw_arc(center, radius, angle_from, angle_to, color):
    for i in range(nb_points + 1):
        angle_point = deg2rad(angle_from + i * (angle_to - angle_from) / nb_points - 90)
        points_arc.push_back(center + Vector2(cos(angle_point), sin(angle_point)) * radius)
    for index_point in range(nb_points):
        draw_line(points_arc[index_point], points_arc[index_point + 1], color)

what I want is to change the radius of the half circle drawn depending on my mouse pos y-coordinate I'm pretty sure the value for the radius is actually changing because by printing the value it is always different whenever I move my mouse but the half circle which is drawn is not updating although I am using update() in the func _process() and I used tool at the beginning as well but doesn't seem to affect it at all

please help me resolve this thank you very much.

asked Aug 15 in Engine by Mitnik (12 points)

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Try reloading your scene for tool to take effect.

answered 6 days ago by Zylann (18,381 points)
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