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I'm relatively new to using Godot and am developing a simple game for andriod to get to know the engine.
When I upload the game to my phone with stretch mode set to disabled, I get this:
enter image description here

When I change it to 2D, I get this:
enter image description here

Anyone know what is going on here?

asked Aug 11 in Projects by curious_coder (12 points)

Can you share some code? Are you sure that the only difference between a working and breaking game is the Stretch option?

I've tried multiple times testing with and without 2D abled. I haven't changed anything else in the code or settings between tests.

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I have the same problem with my Android 4.4.4 smartphone. On newer smartphones my games works. I know that when I set keepwidth (or keep it, I dunno) it worked. I think I'll open a Githib Issue, I will use your screenshot if its ok?! Oh, and perhaps change your settings to GLES2! And pls whats your android version?

answered Aug 12 by Schweini (100 points)
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