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I am very new to Godot, but have some experience in Unity. I was following a Godot breakout tutorial, and he used Fixed Process (delta). I tried this but it didn't work, (I'm using version 3.1.) has Fixed Process changed at 3.1?

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You were watching a fairly old tutorial from Godot 2.1 or earlier. A lot of names changed in the 3.0 release.

The 3.x equivalent of _fixed_process() is _physics_process(). It was changed to better indicate that it is called on each physics step.

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Thank you! I do need to know this, though. In the tutorial, in the ready function, he typed something like set fixed process(true). do I have to do this now, (except using physics process instead of fixed process.)?

No, that is not required in 3.0+

Thanks for the help!

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