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(Sorry for my English, I use Google translator)
Created a save system, the file is saved normally, but I can't load it, how can I do it?
Global variable:

func save():
var file = File.new()
if file.open("user://saved_game.txt", File.WRITE) != 0:
    print("Error opening file")

func load():
   var file = File.new()
   if not file.file_exists("user://saved_game.txt"):
       print("No file saved!")
   if file.open("user://saved_game.txt", File.READ) != 0:
       print("Error opening file")

Another script:

onready var p = Global.player

func _ready():
    $Button.connect('pressed', self, 'saving')
    $Button2.connect('pressed', self, 'loading')

func saving():
    p.name = $LineEdit.text

func loading():
    $Label.text = p.name
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You shouldn't create a new file in the load func. See this tutorial for more infos: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EteQMVK2joI

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