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Hi Team

Its been over a week since I have loaded/started Godot 2.0.2/2.0.3 and am now encountering the following error (found when launching from terminal to narrow down why Godot wasn't starting):

ERROR: initialize: Condition ' modifiers == __null ' is true.
At: platform/x11/os_x11.cpp:117.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

My guess is that it may be video card driver and/or x11 related. Has anyone else hit this? Got any ideas of how to resolve it?



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Sorry if my question is silly because I didn't check the version number but, did you try to compile from source and test it too?

In Xubuntu, I've a version from 3 weeks ago which runs well.

I am have both the 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 versions from the Godot website. I havent as yet gone the route of compiling from source as I dont want to add another level of complexity to what Im doing. Both versions above were working fine. I just tried downgrading the nvidea drivers, but had the same result, so brought them back up to current levels. My guess is that something to do with the x11 windowing system has changed which Godot no longer recognizes.

If all else fails I will try to compile my own but thats a last resort.

I understand. But compiling the source code in ubuntu is very straightforward. It just takes a couple of minutes for the compilation, or much longer on an old computer.

OK, this is indeed odd.....

I downloaded the source, compiled (only took a couple minutes), then started the 2.1Apha build.....

then out of curiosity went to start the prior versions again from the terminal and they started! o.O

Though, they still wont start from a link created from them - even though all their permissions are set for them to start as an executable... which once made them run....

So I am now scratching my head as to what the problem was, how just compiling from source fixed it (all three binaries are in the same directory)....

So, it is working again provided I start from the terminal, so that I can at least continue my project.

Thx for your assistance Gokudomatic :)

You're welcome. I think it was a dependency issue, because you had to install a couple of packages to compile the code.

This is interesting.....

Tried to start Godot this morning resulting in the same issue as before. Then tried starting Godot as superuser (sudo) and it loaded!

I have checked the permissions for Godots main folder and sub folders, which all look good, so I am guessing that a dependency that Godot relies on is in superuser space - possibly something to do with the x11 system.

Anyway Ive worked out the workaround, though, starting any application in superuser mode is definitely not preferable and I dont know what game build issues that might possibly create in the long run.

So I am open to any other ideas as I slowly narrow this down.




I have changed the permissions on all data files/directories to do with the Godot program and where I have my project to ensure my user and group authorities have full permissions. I can now start Godot from the terminal without needing to invoke superuser, however, in the terminal I am now getting the following, which might be related to the original problem:

ERROR: save: Condition ' err ' is true. returned: ERR_CANT_OPEN
    At: core/io/resource_format_xml.cpp:2725.
ERROR: save: Can't Save!
    At: tools/editor/editor_settings.cpp:441.
ERROR: save: Condition ' err ' is true. returned: ERR_CANT_OPEN
    At: core/io/resource_format_xml.cpp:2725.
ERROR: save: Can't Save!
    At: tools/editor/editor_settings.cpp:441.

Godot seems to be working however, so I am not sure if the above are anything to be worried about.


It can't save your editor settings, that's indeed something to worry about.
The location is ~/.godot/, might want to check on that.

All is good now, no errors in the terminal. I am still not sure what caused this all but I think I have got all the permissions as they should be now. So now I can begin my practical first experiences with Godot, with me luck ;)



I have exactly same issue. After installing Ubuntu 16.04 the error occurs. My previous system was Ubuntu 15.04 and everything worked fine.
The same error is also reported when I try to run exported games for Linux.

Running as superuser works fine!

It sounds now like a file/folder permission problem. Maybe the cache used by godot (no idea where it is) doesn't have the right permission anymore.

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