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I'm just starting with Godot and I have noticed as I've begun to dive into the settings for general 3d navigation within a scene, that there are some peculiar things happening. I was wondering if anyone here could help.

I'm attempting to make navigation work one for one with Maya and have toggled to the Maya navigation scheme. But I still can't get things right. In particular:

1) Zooming ends up showing some odd UI on the left of the viewport when I alt+RMB to zoom in and out. If I get far away from the grid it almost feels like it isn't working.

2) There are times when the camera enters a weird rotation state where it's locked into rotating and I can't easily get out of it. Moving the mouse simply rotates the camera uncontrollably.

3) Zooming is inverted from the default in Maya. Is there a way to force it to invert this without inverting panning or rotating?


asked Aug 6 in Engine by damageINC (12 points)

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