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I have seen how other engines allow the users to randomly place trees on a terrain in the editor and I was wondering how to do that in Godot and maybe set a particular number of trees to spawn

asked Aug 6 in Projects by Ogeeice (124 points)

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Have you already checked MultiMeshInstance out?

Documentation for MultiMeshInstance
Tutorial on using MultiMeshInstance

answered Aug 7 by Skipperro (64 points)

No but thanks

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If you don't intend to place objects procedurally, I made this editor plugin which can be useful to place scenes randomly on top of a collidable ground: https://github.com/Zylann/godot_scatter_plugin

However if you want to build a whole forest or grassland, you may need more than that to keep good performance so the MultiMesh API is another way to achieve that.

answered Aug 7 by Zylann (18,389 points)

Ooh! This is actually really nice! I've just built a small map using MultiMesh, but having this would be much easier. I have to give it a try!

Why it doesn't show up on Asset Library?

Because it's been pending validation for weeks xD mods are really busy

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