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I've got a fairly simple, yet annoying problem than I cannot solve.
I use in my project particles system, mostly for stuff like fire and explosions. Problem is, that if the source of particles moves briefly outside of the camera's viewing angle, all particles disappear and instantly reappear when the source moves back into view.

This results in a situation, where I see explosion only, when the center of it is in viewport. It the center is 1 pixel outside, none of the particles are rendered and the whole explosion is invisible. Even worst - if the explosion already started, and rendered some particles, they are all instantly gone the moment the center of it moves outside the camera.

Is there some workaround, setting or something else, that would let me render particles that are outside the viewport?

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Try increasing the size of the "visibility aabb" of the particle system so that the entire explosion is within the bounds of the rectangle.

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OK, never played with this before... how do I do it if the explosion is contained in a sphere with radius of 3?

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