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I'm having an issue with audio mixing/sampling rates in Godot 3.1. I'm finding that if my audio sample (in this case a piece of music) has a different sampling rate than I have set in my project settings, the audio doesn't sound right. There's some clipping, and it has lower quality overall. This lower quality only occurs when playing it in Godot.

So I figured I'd just match up the sampling rates, in this case setting both to 48000hz, to fix the problem. But then I found out that if my audio driver is set to a different sampling rate as well, the audio still doesn't sound right. This is making me paranoid that the audio in my game might sound wrong for other people who happen to have their audio drivers set to a different sampling rate. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

asked Aug 4, 2019 in Engine by Fractal (14 points)

Please create an issue on GitHub with an attached reproduction project so we can troubleshoot this :)

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I was in a similar situation where I needed to play audio with an external program, the solution I found for Godot not to alter the audio was to lower the ¨Mix Rate¨ to 0.

answered Aug 12, 2019 by DanteSantana (18 points)
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