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Currently I have 4 viewports set up for split screen multiplayer, ports 2 - 4 feed of the “world” in viewport 1. Each player controls a ship, but in the ship scene there is a crosshair node that I only want the controlling player to see, how do I hide it from the other players in their viewports/camera?

asked Aug 4 in Engine by Rip (13 points)

That's a very good question, I did not found any answer yet. It would need some sort of visibility mask, where you can define which objects are visible to which viewport, a little bit like it is for the physics layer and mask.

I’ve linked all viewports to viewport1 like so:
viewport2.world_2d = viewport1.world_2d

Now is it directly copied from the viewport, or are they all individually draw from code?

If its individually draw I should be in theory able to do something like
if view_current == _owner: draw target

but if the images are directly copied I guess the only way around it is to just add the target to the individual viewports, but that is not ideal.

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