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My simple mesh and texture models look great in the 3D viewport when editing the scene in the engine GUI, but look rough and pixelated when I play the scene/game.

I read another question here that mentioned setting the Msaa to at least x4 in the Rendering>Quality>Filters settings. This made a huge difference but it's still not quite as good and in the editor viewport.

What other settings can I change to make the game look as good as in the viewport?

If you right-click on the image link bellow and follow the address, you can see the screenshots. In order they are:
1. Viewport View
2. Game without Msaa filter
3. Game with Msaa filter


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Can you post a screenshot of the difference between the editor viewport and the running game?

Actually, I can't figure out how to do that. The insert picture button wants a URL and I tried the "file:///C:...." but that didn't seem to insert the screenshot.
How do I insert a screenshot?

You can use a service like Imgur.

They screenshots don't show on the post for some reason, but you can right-click and follow the link address to the imgur post.

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